The Farm

The Gueli family cultivates and produces its grapes in the beautiful and generous countryside of Grotte, near Agrigento, not far from the Valley of the Temples.

Founded in 1986 by Vincenzo Gueli, the farm measures 10 hectares, divided in vineyards and almond orchards, at an altitude of between 450 and 550 metres above sea level. Today, his three sons (Giuseppe, Calogero and Davide) contribute towards the development and management of the farm with ability and enthusiasm.

The decision of planting Nero d' Avola vines in different areas with different soil properties, has enabled us to obtain two different products that reflect the character of each area of growth. The vines grow in two different types of soil: "Trubi" commonly known as "Erbatini", which are pale in colour, of a chalky consistency similar to talcum, not very stoney, which helps maintain the soil cool during the hot seasons and are rich in varius minerals, producing wines of a great structure and full-bodiedness. "Calcari" a limestone soil in the area of "Scintilia" fertile and stoney, which confers to the wine, freshness and drinkability.