The Vineyard

The great attention we pay to our vineyards is essential in our work, which includes the winter pruning, organic fertilization and green manure, all activities employed to reach a certain balance so that the grapes harvested contain the best maturity properties possible, thus enabling the wine produced to improve in quality and be preserved in the most natural way.

Our vines are planted "a Tendone" or pergola structure, a method, wich if used well, produces excellent results in our region, allowing the protection of the grapes against the hot sun rays, thus helping the ripening in the best way possible. Also, the fact that the bunches are positioned high up, allow so the grapes to be better ventilated thus eliminating any humidity stagnation or heat excess causing serious problems.

The secret of this type of cultivation is in not over-strainig the plants, for example, with not over-irrigating and banning completely, chemical fertilizers which destroy soil balance, enabling the plant to reach its normal equilibrium and produce what it can. This type of cultivation is called "Alberello allevato alto" drawing advantage from both a typical ground level vine and our local "tendone" method.

In our vineyards only organic fertilizers and green manures are used with the aim of reestablishing the microbiotic balance of the soil, a living organism in continous change. Weeds are kept under control using mecchanic means and when necessary, hand hoes.

The plants are grafted directly in the fields on wild cuttings with grafts taken from selected healthy vineyards. This ensures a non clonal plant system with all the vines identical, but made up of different biotypes, infact some plants may have small compact bunches whereas others may be larger. All this confers to the wine its exclusive bouquet and full-